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 Newsletter for the tennis department and tennis members.
Pro Shop
**Racket stringing is also available starting at $48.00 Hybrid string jobs for $52.00 using Babolat RPM Blast, Babolat RPM Blast Rough, Babolat Powergy, Excel & Pro Hurricane polyester.
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The new limited edition French Open/Wimbledon 6/12 pack racket bag and Back Pack’s. Members receive 10% off.
The new limited editions/Wimbledon Pure Strike tennis rackets at $259.95. Stringing is extra.
Guest Days
Members may bring down a guest and the guest fee will be waived on these dates. The same guest may play at Hazelmere a maximum of 3 times per month guest days included. 
We choose 2 dates every month for guest days.
Guest Fees
Guest fees are: First visit $10.00 plus court fees.
                            Second visit $20.00 plus court fees
                            Third visit $30.00 plus court fees 
Members can contact tennis reception for guest day dates.

New Members
Please contact us if you need help finding other members to play with. We also have socials listed below for you to register for.

Tennis Socials
Monday nights from 6:30pm till 8:00pm is Men’s Doubles night.
This program is for members only. Sign up for this event on the bulletin board.

Members Doubles Club Championships
Hazelmere hosted a member’s only doubles tournament for men and women this past November. It was well attended followed by trophy presentations and prize giveaways after the finals on the Saturday.
Congratulations to Patrick Kerr and Simon Good winning the men’s event 
And Andrea Wyndham/Adams and Eva Kalicinsky winning the ladies’
Winning the consolation event for men were Jaimie Davidson and Eric Voute.
And for the women were Bar Kerr and Katerine Savard
Members Mixed Doubles Club Championships
This past February Hazelmere hosted the member’s mixed doubles club championships. Well attended with a great wrap up party on the final day.
Congratulations to Patrick Kerr and Eva Kalicinsky winning this event.
Winning the consolation event were Geoff Beamis and Sandy Watts
Look for the members only singles club championships for men and women sometime this September.
Singles Tennis Ladder
Tennis member Patrick Kerr has started an online tennis singles ladder for Hazelmere tennis members.
The information for registration is on the bulletin board in the tennis building.
Membership changes
Members wishing to change the status of their membership or need a medical leave must inform the club in writing.
 Members may change the status of their membership once per 12 months. Requests will not be taken verbally. 
Medical leaves will also require a doctor’s note along with the written request. Please see administration if you have any questions.
Tennis Lessons 
There are currently available times during the day for private or group lessons with our teaching staff. Check with our certified NCCP Head Pro Peter Knispel about possible times with Romus Izquierdo, Fu, Adrian Brown.
There are a few spots left on the weekends. Please check with Head Pro Peter Knispel about what days and times are left.

Men’s and Ladies league
Congratulations to our own Hazelmere men’s senior inter-club league winter league for finishing #1 this year. When Hazelmere started this league back in 2015 we finished last and slowly improved each year to finish on top. Well done guys.
Spring League. 
We have a division 1 men’s team and a division 1 day team and ladies division 1 night team.
Tennis will post a list on the bulletin board of their home match dates and times so you will know when courts are booked for those matches when the season starts next spring 2019. 
Public Tennis rates
Public may books courts up to 3 days in advance.
The regular fee is $36.00 per hour and $51.00 per 1 ½ hours
Special rates from 12 noon till 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm till close Monday through Friday and
Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 pm till close are:
$31.00 per hour and $46.00 per 1 ½ hour
Cancellation Policy
When cancelling any tennis court booking you must provide Hazelmere with at least 24 hours’ notice or you will be charged for that booking. 
Tennis lesson cancellations must be 36 hours in advance.